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There is probably no hero of legend more loved by the people than Minamoto Yoshitsune. Though he was the rightful son of the Gengi, he was parted from his parents at a young age. Even as he participated passionately in the hunting down and killing of many Heishi soldiers, he was chased out of Kyoto by his brother, Minamoto, and ended his days at Oushyu Hiraizumi. In his 31 years of glory and hardships, he left behind dozens of tales and legends which inspire the hearts of people even to this day. In this exhibition, we introduce the paintings of the last genius Ukiyo-e artist of the late Edo period, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi. Through Yoshitoshi's talent of expression, you can revisit the accomplishments of the hero, Yoshitsune, and the battles between the Genji and Heishi forces.
Sojobo instructs Yoshitsune in the Swordsmanship!Shizuka-omae was the woman who caught Yoshitsune's heart, the most beautiful Shirabyoushi (Kabuki actress) in the capital.Yuigahama is the location where Yoshitsune's son was abandoned after being captured by Yoritomo.Yoshitsune - as he crosses the Daimotsu-no-ura to the West Country.After the Genshi won the battle of Tann-no-ura, Yoshitsune is standing near Kenreimonnin aboard a ship.Yoshitsune executing "Hassoutobi"The Heike ran to Sanuki-no-yashima, chased by Yoshitsune's troops.The Battle of Ichi-no-tani.Yoshinaka rallying the Troops.Kiyomori's Nightmares and Hallucinations!Moving Japan's Capital to Fukuhara.AssassinationTokiwa was Chosen From Among A Thousand Beauties!Tomoe Was Skilled in Bushido.Yoshitsune Attacked by the Kumasakachyouhan Bandits.Yoshitsune Training in the Annba Mountains!Benkei Attacking Yoshitsune on the Gojo Bridge.Yoshitoshi Tsukioka: Gojo Bridge, 1881-

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