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Kizugawa (木津川市) is a city in southern Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The city was founded on March 12, 2007 by the merger of the towns of Kamo, Kizu and Yamashiro, all from Sōraku District. It is the southernmost city in the prefecture. The town is named after the Kizu River, a tributary of the Yodo, which runs through the city. Kuni-kyō (恭仁京), was the capital city of Japan between 740 and 744, whose imperial palace (恭仁宮) built in present-day city of Kizugawa in Kyoto Prefecture by order of Emperor Shōmu.
Kaniman-ji temple (蟹満寺) 1Kaniman-ji temple (蟹満寺) 2Kaniman-ji temple (蟹満寺) 3Kaniman-ji temple (蟹満寺) 4Kaniman-ji temple (蟹満寺) 5Kaniman-ji temple (蟹満寺) 6Kaniman-ji temple (蟹満寺) 7Kaniman-ji temple (蟹満寺) 8Kaniman-ji temple (蟹満寺) 9Kaniman-ji temple (蟹満寺) 10Kanbara shrine (綺原神社) 1Kanbara shrine (綺原神社) 2Kanbara shrine (綺原神社) 3Kanbara shrine (綺原神社) 4Kanbara shrine (綺原神社) 5Kanbara shrine (綺原神社) 6Kanbara shrine (綺原神社) 7Kanbara shrine (綺原神社) 8Kanbara shrine (綺原神社) 9Kanbara shrine (綺原神社) 10

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