Kyoto-Nara Dream Trips | Autumn Hotspots in Kyoto and Nara-Video!
Created 7-Nov-13
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November is upon us and with that the momiji season, the various rich colours of the changing leaves of the Maple tree and Ginko trees. Kyoto is one of the “Hotspots” in Japan and many temples have evening illumination. It will all start this coming week-end (November 9) and lasts until the first week of December (December 8). Kyoto will be flooded with people from all over Japan and the world to enjoy the yellow leaves of the Ginko tree and not least the bright red colours of the Maple tree.
Over the past years during the autumn season, I have visited many hotspots and this slideshow captures more than 40 of them. Some of them famous, some not so famous, some in the city and some in the mountains surrounding Kyoto and Nara.
Enjoy this feast of the eyes and at the end of the day have some nabe and hot sake to warm yourself!

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