Kyoto-Nara Dream Trips | Twinkle Joyo 2011-Christmas Illumination!
Created 3-Dec-12
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In our hometown of Joyo, there is a December tradition of lighting up the local sports park with 550,000 light bulbs of all colours and in all shapes. Starting from the first of December till Christmas Day – 5:30 in the evening to 9:30 at night – numerous groups have made their mark with lights, building Christmas trees and draping real ones. This year was the 10th Anniversary of Twinkle Joyo, and as usual, it was an elaborate production; visitors start their journey through a tunnel of brilliant lights, coming out into the familiar hills and steps of the sports park in dark, illuminated only by the lights coming from around. Though the air was freezing and the footing was dubious, the view was breathtaking, especially seen from a distance. The beauty of the lights reflected on the lake at the centre and dotting the rolling hills beside was definitely unable to capture completely with a camera. Some of the decorations were made by high schools, some by local hobby clubs. Other than the illuminations, there was a corner for kids, and below, a typical Japanese festival market where you could by so many delicious foods and trinkets – takoyaki, yakisoba, and more. On certain days there are shows and dance groups performing, so be sure to pick up a pamphlet if you ever drop by.
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